CannaMetrix, LLC

Precision Cannabis testing

The Business Model

  • Transform the medicinal cannabis industry with pharmaceutical standards for product potency validation and for product consistency testing using a novel human cell-based testing that will empower products with competitive market opportunities


  • Differentiate products by their dose-dependent potency in human cells along defined cannabinoid receptor pathways that better predicts medicinal product indications

  • National and international sales will be based on both fee-for-service testing and through nonexclusive or exclusive licensing agreements for the patent-pending technology

  • Establish exclusive agreements with a strategic partner seeking proprietary methods to calibrate and vet their development of new strains of Cannabis for targeting specific treatments for humans or pets and accelerate regulatory approval

Chemical Testing Alone Cannot Anticipate the Potency of Full Spectrum Products

Only CannaMetrix cell-based testing can predict batch-to-batch consistency for the  appropriate dose that can achieve the desired therapeutic response in the human body.   Current chemical composition-based testing of cannabis fails to have this predictive power.

Why is CannaMetrix Critical to the Success of A Cannabis Investment Portfolio

  • Enabling highest standards in product potency validation

  • On demand scientific validation of new products

  • Data package consistent with DEA and FDA requirements

  • First to market and greater market share through data-driven credibility

  • Preferred by strategic partners and clinical trials contracts by supplying consistent products batch-to-batch through cell-based potency validation

  • stronger product claims backed by the ability to determine product therapeutic applications through mechanism of action testing 

Clients Who Drive the Market Opportunity for CannaMetrix


Producers and patients will pay for advanced testing because it informs consumer and doctors of choices especially in states and countries where full spectrum products are marketed for medicinal applications